Promoting peace and developing African culture : A busy stay in Africa for His Majesty Tovomandjèhoungni

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The President of the non-governmental organization Midigbékpo Corporation, His Majesty Dah Tovomadjèhougni Dako-Donou, has been in Africa, and particularly in his home country of Benin, from mid-August to mid-September. The United Nations Ambassador for World Peace not only promoted peace, but also culture and self-employment for girls and women. He also received honors worthy of his rank in Cameroon and Nigeria, before flying off to the United States, where his next challenge will be to organize the Africa Vodoun USA Festival in Surinam.

Greeted with great fanfare by her compatriots and the Beninese and foreign media at Cotonou’s Cardinal Bernardin Gantin de Cadjèhoun international airport, Her Majesty Dah Tovomandjèhougni Dako-Donou took very significant action in her country, Benin, and in two African countries, Cameroon and Nigeria. During his month-long stay, the great defender of African causes had a positive impact on young girls and women in the septentrion, and precisely in the commune of Djougou. Thanks to the man’s magnanimity, several girls and women in Djougou benefited from training in scarf-tying, cosmetics, hairdressing, tropical product processing, IT and other skills. All in collaboration with the NGO NoudéSSÈHA. An initiative welcomed by the local authorities. Dr. Dénis Atchadé Assongba, Dah Tovomandjèhougni, was invited to the annual convention of the Assemblies of God Church, in recognition of his commitment to world peace. On this occasion and before the body of Christ, the United Nations Ambassador for World Peace, urged the body of Christ to always work for peace, which according to him is an inexhaustible treasure. The message from the guest of honor of the Assemblies of God Church was well received by the faithful, who testified to the immense knowledge His Majesty Dah Tovomandjèhougni Dako-Donou possesses in the field of peace.

The other highlight of his visit to Africa was the Ambassador of Peace to the United Nations in Douala, Cameroon, where he was majestically recognized as Vice President of the Royal Throne of Africa. It’s a mark of recognition for the patriarch now accepted into the restricted circle of the continent’s worthy kings. The Cameroonian people, and above all the great dignitaries and crowned heads, responded massively to this ceremony, during which the merits of the high dignitary were extolled.

It was the turn of Nigeria, the great neighbor to the east, to receive His Majesty Dah Tovomandjèhougni Dako-Donou at the Palace of His Majesty Adéyèyè Enitan Ogunwusi, through King Ooni Ifè Ilè. Here, as in Douala, the dignitary was praised for his actions in favor of peace, and above all for promoting African culture through his various initiatives. He insisted on the commitment of Africans to rely on peace to conquer the world. According to him, the black continent is full of wealth, especially cultural wealth, which is a guarantee of added value for its development. Without peace and the promotion of our culture, it will be very difficult for us to move forward and reach new heights. If peace reigns in Africa, peace will reign in the world, and we’ll all be happy… Look at what’s happening in the world where peace is threatened…in Ukraine, for example. We need peace and we’ll be happy, the world will be happy”, he insisted.

His Majesty Dah Tovomandjèhougni’s stay in Comè came to an end with the organization of the 6th edition of the Africa Vodoun Festival. On September 16, Mono and Couffo were both in the spotlight. A variety of activities, conferences and debates, a libation ceremony – in short, the event was a resounding success.

After all this, Dah Tovomandjèhougni flew back to the USA, where he has lived for over 30 years. But there will be no respite, as he has already begun organizing the America version of the Africa Vodoun Festival, which will take place in Surinam, the other land of the black deportees, with the aim of reviving African culture and worship.


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