Royal Throne of Africa : Dah Tovomandjèhoungni officially receives the honorary title of vice-president

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Designated to the high function of vice-president of the great Royal Throne Association of Africa, Dénis ASSONGA, Dah Tovomandjèhoungni officially received from the hands of the Founding Father Prince Youta DADA Joseph, the “HONORIFIC TITLE JAITRA”.

Identified for his multiple actions in promoting African culture throughout the world, His Majesty Tovomandjèhoungni was appointed on August 16, 2023 at the Batoufam Royal Palace in Western Cameroon Vice-President of the Royal Throne of Africa. It was on the occasion of the General Assembly of the association.

Having officially received his honorary title, he was entitled to honors worthy of his rank and warm congratulations from the Founding President of the association and all the members of the association.
He also received wishes for success in fulfilling his mandate.
«May your rich traditional, social, cultural experience and your excellent knowledge of Africa contribute to strengthening the action of the Royal Throne of Culturally Continental Africa in favor of African countries engaged on the path to their emergence» we can read in the letter of congratulations addressed to him by the founding president Prince Youta DADA Joseph.

And on the honorary title it is written: «We, the undersigned, Prince Youta DADA Joseph, Founding President of the TRONE ROYAL D’AFRIQUE (TRA) Association, in full agreement with the members and the board of directors of the said Association, certify that from August 16, 2023 according to the statutes, SM Dr ASSONGBA Atchadé Denis receives the honorary title of Vice-President ».

Full success to Majesty Tovomandjèhoungni for his mandate as vice-president of the Royal Throne of Africa.

The Royal Throne of Africa was created for moral, cultural and traditional rearmament in order to promote the Kingdoms of Africa which are called to improve the living conditions of our populations based on endogenous projects. «Making people the raw material for development by placing them at the center of all concerns» is its vision.

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